Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Managed Backups & DR

Managed backups (powered by Veeam) provide peace of mind to ensure your critical business data is backed up on a routine schedule, tested and replicated to ensure your data can be restored at a moments notice.

Offsite Backup Replication

Replicate your existing backups to offsite storage to safeguard your important data from loss-of-facility incidents such as fire, flooding, or acts of God. More spares equals more protection.

Offsite DR Hosting

In the unlikely event your main facility should go down, it’s important to have a plan to recover from a disaster and get your business back online. Offsite DR will replicate your servers to our cloud facilities at a fraction of the cost of operating your own second site or colocation.

Colocation Services

For some business models, downtime can be outright costly! If you need a very low downtime threshold in the event of a disaster, consider standing up a fully functional second site in a colocation datacenter to replicate your business data and services in the event of an outage. Your team can cutover your services to the colo site while you restore your main facility.