Backup & Disaster Recovery

Reduce backup costs and gain peace of mind with a full service BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) solution. Gibson IT Solutions Managed BDR provides licensing, servicing, maintenance, and monitoring as an all-in-one solution to make sure your data stays safe.

In the event of a disaster, we can help you restore your servers and data to a new platform to get you back on your feet. We support restores to our data center, new hardware at your location, colocations, and cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google and more!


Our partnership with Veeam allows us to include the following features in our Managed BDR:

  • Instant VM Recovery – With Veeam, we can instantly recover your VMs that have become corrupted or lost by instantly spinning up the last known good copy from your backup storage directly to the hypervisor (VMware/Hyper-V). Get your services back online now and migrate the storage back to production using Storage vMotion for a seamless transition.
  • Storage Integration – Veeam is constantly staying up to date with storage solutions and allows us to integrate with your storage platform enabling our solution to run backups directly from your snapshots to reduce the burden on your hypervisor.
  • Offsite Replication – As a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, Gibson IT Solutions can back your servers directly to our cloud storage for offsite storage (BaaS) or disaster recovery (DRaaS). We recommend having an onsite backup storage for quicker restores and replicate those images offsite.
  • Backup Management – As a full service backup solution, monitoring and maintenance of the backup solution is included in your monthly subscription. As such, we work to make sure your backups are in the “green” status every day. If we run into a problem, we will let you know of the situation and what we are doing to resolve it.


The on-premise Veeam Backup & Replication software requires a MS supported Windows Server OS (preferably the latest release). For small virtual environments, a single server will suffice.

  • 4 vCPUs (Determines number of synchronous jobs)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Minimum 50 GB of drive space
  • 1Gbps vNIC (10Gbps VMKNET3, 10Gbps Recommended for throughput)
  • Local admin account on VMs utilizing advanced in-guest features such as indexing or application awareness (Active Directory, SQL, Exchange…)
  • On-premise dedicated backup storage appliance
    • NAS dedicated for backups
    • Deduplicating backup storage (Exagrid, Dell EMC Data Domain, HP Storeonce)

*Please note* Speed and performance of backups depend on connectivity between hypervisor, backup storage, network connectivity and SAN.

Larger environments or those with MS Server Datacenter licensing may require additional VMs for Proxy Backup Engines (the workload servers). We recommend at least 1 backup proxy for every 3 hypervisors but can support 1 proxy per host (especially for Direct SAN backups).


Our subscription model includes software and management. On-premise storage is sold separately. Offsite storage can be added on or subscribed separately for customers with perpetual Veeam licenses.

  • Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus: $30.95/VM/month
  • Backup & Replication Enterprise: $21.95/VM/month
  • Backup & Replication Standard: $11.95/VM/month
  • Cloud Connect Backup (perpetual only): $11.95/VM/month
  • Cloud Connect Backup (physical server, perpetual); $16.95/server/month
  • Cloud Connect Replication (perpetual only): $23.95/VM/month
  • Physical Server Backup Agent (including replication): $30.95/server/month
  • Physical Workstation Backup Agent (including replication): $11.95/computer/month
  • Office 365 Backup: $4.95/User/month

Cloud Backup Storage

  • 1TB: $95.00/month
  • 2-4TB: $75.00/TB/month
  • 5-9TB: $70.00/TB/month
  • 10-14TB: $65.00/TB/month
  • 15-19TB: $60.00/TB/month
  • 20-24TB: $55.00/TB/month
  • 25+: Call for pricing