Email & Collaboration

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Email & Collaboration

Email started out as a fairly simple application that grew into the largest collaboration tool in human history. With it’s simplicity came vulnerability and abuse. Over the decades, messaging engineers have developed methods and standards to better secure email but have also made it more complex to administer.

Today, it’s easier to host your email with a trusted provider such as Office 365 or an email hosting provider. At Gibson IT Solutions, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to bring all of the tools you’ve known and love from the Office suite, Exchange mail system and newer collaboration services like Sharepoint and Teams right to your team. We specialize in setting up the email securely and know the “gotchas” in the email industry.

Work with our team to join the largest office productivity suite today!

Migration Assistance

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the knowledge and resources to best serve you with design and implementation options. If you already have an on-premise Microsoft solution, such as Exchange, Skype and/or Sharepoint, we can help you and your team migrate your on-premise data to the Microsoft Cloud for a smooth and seamless migration.

Strategic Partner

Our clients are often surprised by how much we have to offer than just licensing. We also:

  • Manage email configurations and settings.
  • Offer Microsoft 365 backup services (add-on services).
  • Maintain and secure Microsoft 365 (add-on services).
  • Provide technical support regarding your 365 tenant.
  • Cover technology areas beyond your 365 tenant.
  • Interface with Microsoft on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We provide assistance in setting up hybrid environments with your on-premise Exchange and Sharepoint to help you move to the Microsoft Cloud.

No, Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are fully managed and supported by Microsoft itself. We only play the role of providing licensing and support. If a case needs Microsoft’s attention, we can escalate it on your behalf to find a resolution.

Office 365 is the original service offered by Microsoft which consisted of a hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype and One Drive with a subscription for Office apps like Word and Outlook. Microsoft expanded it’s offerings outside the Office suite to the enterprise to provide various other Infrastructure as a Service options like Azure Active Directory and Intune. Microsoft 365 is the whole of all offerings to a service plan that covers everything from your endpoints to your apps.

Securing 365

A lot of folks don’t realize that just because their email and data is stored on Microsoft’s Cloud that they are still responsible for securing it internally. Microsoft provides protection from other tenants and outsiders, but your tenant is no different than having an on-premise solution. You still need to secure it and protect it as you would if it were on-site.

At Gibson IT Solutions, we can:

  • Provide spam and email security protection
  • Work with Compliance to ensure the system is not misused
  • Back up Office 365 in case of accidents or deliberate manipulations
  • Ensure your accounts aren’t being used to send spam
  • Stop data leaking
  • Secure weak accounts

Backing Up 365

Microsoft 365 as a tenant host needs to be backed up. At Gibson IT Solutions, we work with Veeam as part of our Managed Backup solution to backup your Microsoft 365 tenant and all data within it.

If the worst were to come, we would be able to restore your data back to Microsoft and return your operations to normal.

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Client Testimonials

Hiring Jarrod Gibson was the best move I could have made. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable about his business, he is a very honest nice guy with great customer service skills. On top of that, no matter what problems arise he is the one stop shop to handle the situation. And to my surprise, he is extremely affordable.

Robert S.
Owner, RLC Enterprises

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