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Hiring Jarrod Gibson was the best move I could have made. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable about his business, he is a very honest nice guy with great customer service skills. On top of that, no matter what problems arise he is the one stop shop to handle the situation. And to my surprise, he is extremely affordable.

Robert S.
Owner, RLC Enterprises

Endpoints and workstations are your employees’ interface to the network and to the world. A large majority of all network support comes down to the workstation, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or VDI (Virtual Desktop). It’s important to your users and your business that they have a reliable machine that is responsive and efficient. It’s also necessary to ensure proper security is in place to combat viruses, hackers and even the disgruntled employee.

Our Endpoint Managed Solution allows you to consolidate the cost of supporting your devices into a monthly subscription. This allows us to actively maintain your devices so less helpdesk tickets are opened. It provides a steady cost per month per device instead of paying a high premium per incident.

End User Devices (Endpoints) We Support

Desktop &
Virtual Desktops

Computer Fleet Management

Our computer fleet management solution will allow us to:

  • Deploy large numbers of new computers quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain updates and drivers
  • Clean recycle bin, junk and temp files behind the scenes
  • Detect and resolve issues before they are noticed
  • Reduce overhead on your IT staff
  • Strategic life-cycle maintenance program

Computer Life-Cycle Strategy

We roll out new computers 1/3rd at a time to spread the cost of new equipment over 3 years and restart after 4-5 years as necessary.

2-Year Issue Reporting ComparisonHelpdesk tickets opened between 1st year without Managed Endpoint; 2nd year with Managed Endpoint

Frequently Asked Questions

The strategy involves spreading the cost of acquiring new equipment over the average life of a PC. It spreads out tax benefits, if taken, and reduces the load on the IT Support team who need to provision and rollout the PCs to the new users. It sets clear and obtainable goals and eases the organization into a new platform to help flatten the learning curve.

No. Often, hardware performance increases significantly within 3 years and typically a new OS comes out that may operate better on newer equipment. However, we can accommodate Life-Cycle Plans of 4 years or even 5 years. VDI hardware plans can last as long as 10 years.

The 3 Year standard is how long it typically takes to get a Return on Investment (ROI) before the performance of the PC degrades enough to impact efficiency. Older machines also start to break down and increase support costs.

Endpoint Management from Gibson IT Solutions does two things: regular maintenance and TLC, and consolidates support costs into a monthly subscription.

Your monthly subscription enables us to remotely perform cleaning, Windows Updates, driver updates, check for issues and monitor performance. If we find problems, we coordinate with your team to resolve them proactively.

Secondly, your support costs are reduced to a small monthly subscription fee per endpoint device we manage. If you raise a helpdesk ticket, your support costs are covered by your subscription instead of break/fix costs.

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