Internet & WAN

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Internet & WAN

Your internet is your company’s gateway to the world. With more services moving to online hosted models, it’s important to maintain access and performance. Work with our team to correctly size your main internet and branch office interconnectivity.

We work with most major carriers and work with them to design a properly sized internet/WAN offering.

We help companies find the right internet offering for an affordable price based on their needs.

Internet Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your internet uptime and can work with your internet provider to get service credits for excessive downtime.

Multiple Internet Providers

Depending on the size of your office, we may recommend multiple (at least 2) internet providers. Several scenarios make this necessary:

  • Offices with 15 or more active internet users
  • Internet-based business
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Hosted Applications & Microsoft 365
  • Locally hosted web services
  • Any business whose highly reliant on the internet for day to day activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people believe when the get an internet service that advertises a speed like 100/10 that they will always get 100Mbps down. However, with broadband service, you pay a fraction of the cost of the bandwidth by sharing it with other users like your neighbors.

Dedicated internet, on the other hand, does provide you the full 100Mbps as advertised for a considerably higher price per month. The advantage of this service is you usually get equal upload/download speeds like 100/100 instead of 100/10. You’ll also likely get an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees somewhere around 99% uptime per month. This service is beneficial for large offices and internet hosts.

In order to communicate on the internet, your gateway/router/firewall needs a publicly-routable IP address. Usually, your service provider gives you a dynamic IP address that can change on occasions. In most cases, it’s not necessary to get a static IP.

However, some cases require a static IP, such as hosting a web server, VPN, or other locally provided internet resource that would need to be published to a DNS registrar like Godaddy (ie: This makes the resource accessible to internet users and a static IP would keep your site from going down because the IP changed and need to update DNS.

For smaller businesses, we would recommend setting up an internet connection at each location and set up a router with VPN capabilities. It’s an inexpensive solution that solves most use cases.

However, larger offices or those with a need for a fast, reliable WAN connection would use a variety of other options such as MPLS, VPLS, or Metro-E. These resolve use cases in which security is a factor and need to control flow of data, VoIP telephony over a wide area, and systems requiring low latency and high availability.

Hosting a Website?

If you’re hosting your own website on-premise, or any other web application like email or VPN, you might need to know about a few things that make web services hosting possible:

  • ARIN – American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • ICANN – International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers
  • DNS Registrar – Internet domain name registry such as Godaddy
  • SPF – Sender Policy Framework
  • DKIM – Domain Keys Identified Mail
  • DMARC – Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance
  • DNSSEC – Domain Name Systems Security Extensions

IPv4 Brokering

In 2015, ARIN ran out of available IPv4 network ranges. Therefore, if you are in need of a range of IPv4 addresses (more than your ISP can provide you) or you’re looking to set up a BGP connection, we can help you work with an IPv4 brokerage.

An IPv4 Brokerage is a broker who works with organizations with IPv4 ranges who no longer need them sell to organizations who need to buy IPv4 ranges for a market value. They organize the transaction and set up the escrow to ensure all parties are satisfied.

If you’re in need of 254 IP addresses or more, please contact us below.

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