Networking & Wifi

Network switch and ethernet cables,Data Center Concept.

Networking & Wifi

The network layer is the backbone of your infrastructure. A weak network will dampen the capabilities of your computers and servers. It’s important to ensure the network supporting your environment is sized and scaled properly to ensure that adequate bandwidth is available and properly cataloged to allow latency sensitive applications, like VoIP, are able to work properly.

Our Managed Networking & Wifi Solution also prepares you for any network changes your business may need by maintaining a standby network engineer. If your business has a change or unexpectedly grows, we will update your network configuration as covered by your monthly plan.

Managed Networking & Wifi ensures your users have a quality experience on the network.

Traffic Analysis

Find out where most of your network is used.

Throughput & Capacity Monitoring

We can analyze your network to show you:

  • What applications consume the most network capacity
  • Which applications are too chatty
  • Which computers/endpoints are talking the most
  • Where are your bottlenecks
  • How is your network responding to busy periods

Frequently Asked Questions

Network Management from Gibson IT Solutions gives you access to an enterprise-level network engineer for a small fraction of the ordinary cost. This provides you with a reliable network to ensure your team can work their best.

We can’t see what’s in the data stream, but we can identify applications such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. We can’t see any info involving an encrypted HTTPS site, such as your bank. We’re obligated by law to certain privacy restrictions as well.

This is typically handled on the firewall side but yes, we can block certain types of traffic and typically do so in order to promote security. We can also implement ACLs to block traffic flows internally if necessary.

This is useful if employees are accessing websites that are counterproductive but can also block bad guys from getting into your system.

Network Lifecycle

The network, too, has a lifecycle and must be maintained. Typically between 5-8 years, network equipment can also become outdated and require refreshes. As part of your monthly plan, we will prepare your network for any unforeseen changes within the lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Uplink Monitoring
  • Wireless Network Analysis
  • Configuration Changes
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Throughput & Performance Benchmarking
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Network Appliance Hardware Monitoring

Wifi Analysis

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