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Need a server? Don't buy one!

Safe and Secure

Embedded security and privacy protection.

Reduce IT Costs

Only pay for what you use!

Enterprise Support

Top-notch client support

Owning a server may not be cost-effective for your business. If you have software that needs to run on a server, you can work with our team to set it up in our environment. We’ll handle the install, work with vendors and ensure your team has the access they need.

On-premise vs Cloud Hosting

Over the last decade, a fundamental shift in the way companies think about IT has moved from the on-premise solutions to the cloud. As more and more companies offer cloud hosting, the maturity of the industry has made it a safer platform for small and larger businesses to adopt the strategy of outsourcing their equipment costs and labor to a dedicated team of server and network engineers.

Our server team will:

  • Update, patch and secure your servers.
  • Maintain uptime and availability.
  • Manage and maintain the physical hardware.
  • Upgrade equipment without downtime.
  • Work with your vendors to make sure your applications are in top shape.
  • Reduce the burden on your IT staff

Server Tasks by Client IT:
Year 1 on-premise, Year 2 Hosted

  • On-premise year
  • Hosting year

Server Hosting Pricing

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