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One of the biggest systems in an organization (if not the biggest) is the telephone system. As such, it’s often the most expensive. Finding the right expertise to be able to operate a phone system is also a must. With so much involved in owning a phone system, wouldn’t it be better if someone else could do it?

Say no more! With our partnership with telephony providers, we can make sure we get you the best option for your business and ensure your team is able to communicate effectively for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

A phone system is typically the largest system in an organization and most painful if a problem should occur.

On-premise Phone Systems

Maintaining an on-premise phone system usually requires:

  • Expensive hardware to maintain
  • Licensing costs to use equipment
  • System-specific phones
  • Prone to carrier outages
  • Need in-house expertise

Cloud PBX Systems

Cloud PBX Systems outshine traditional on-premise PBX in the following ways:

  • No PBX to maintain
  • Flexible ways to handle an outage
  • Phones work wherever you take them
  • Advanced calling features
  • Phone system expertise included in subscription
  • Low cost per phone/month

Frequently Asked Questions

A hosted phone system is managed by a phone provider whose only job is to manage the phone system. This is much more reliable than traditional in-house telephone systems.

If your organization’s internet goes down, a lot of work stops. Including a hosted phone system. But even on-premise phone systems can go down during a carrier outage. However, with a cloud phone system, we can redirect your calls to your cell phone or other phone services so business can continue. We can also have you take your phones to another office to continue working with no configuration change.

Yes! When moving from one phone provider to another, you have the option of porting over your phone numbers to us. Once ported, you can change internet carriers without fear of losing your published phone numbers.

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